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recension Warbases stridsvagn Mk I

PostPosted: Apr 11th, '15, 10:43
by Nils
Noticed that I have thrown away too many pictures in my photo bucket...

I noticed that Warbases have started to make vehicles and tanks so of course I hade to buy a tank, or two and a truck...

I have built plastic models for about 35 years so I´m a fairly experienced model builder.

First impressions are good. Nice packaging

The parts are extremely well cut and fit together perfectly. Fit is tight and all cutting is with very high precision. Most if it is in wood some are thick cardboard. There are some detailing, basically detailing that can be done with laser cutting ( I think)


One of the sponsoons and "steering" device.


Started to build it, sponsoons are done, the "inner" parts laid out in-between.

It took me about 1,5 hrs to build the first tank and 1hr and 15 mins to build the second one. This in front of the television so a hardcore builder might do it faster. As I wrote fit was excellent and the PDF with pictures of how to assemble was very good and needed. There were more parts than I thougt...

When you build it make sure to build one left and one right hand sponsor, a "friend of mine" ;) built two left handed ones until the mistake was noticed and all joints had to be broken up. It is the same with the four rhomboid pieces, make sure the detailing are on the "correct" side. Many parts are "interchangeable" so be careful when you build and dryfit everything first.

Detailing is fairly good, or more correct it can´t get any better with this kind of technique (laser cutting). But I miss all the rivets that "make" a WWI tank for me. I´m still thinking how to, in a easy way, to get some rivets on it.

Cannonbarrel is square, I will replace it with plastic rods. Rivets I´m thinking of either cutting up plastic sprue "dots" but that will take alot of time. Or if I can find some fairly gel like glue, put dots of glue to simulate rivets.

As it is wood and cardboard I will spray it with varnish first before painting it.

I think it is good value for the money, it costs 14 GBP, a resin one is (I think) about 35 GBP. So this is slightly below half price. But then it takes some time to assemble it compared to a resin one which usually comes in 4-5 pieces or something like that. Detailing is of course not even close to a resin model. But if you have the time to assemble it and do not care too much about some missing rivets it is very good value as you get 2,5 tanks per each resin tank in comparison.

It can also be used for homebuilt tanks as it is not that expensive.


So I recommend it. Finally you can swamp a 28mm battlefield with tanks!

Now I´m looking forward to a A7V and few French tanks (Schneider) as they are also fairly square, which would be well suited for this kind of material/cutting technique.

Re: recension Warbases stridsvagn Mk I

PostPosted: Apr 14th, '15, 12:48
by Dalauppror
Bra skrivet Nisse !

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PostPosted: May 22nd, '15, 07:13
by Nils
Märkte att bilderna ovan försvunnit... Måste rensat lite för aktivt i photobucket.

Nåväl här är lite fler bilder.

As you can see in the first pictures I have started to add rivets and some other details to make the models more "3D". Cannonbarrels were sandpapered until they were more round. Looks better than square barrels. I did not follow any exact drawings on where the rivets went, I just put them here and there. It did not take that long add all the rivets. All i all I might have spent about 1,5 hours per tank adding rivets and other details.


Now the tanks have been painted and one given some camoflouge. Same as with the rivets, I did not research either colors or camp scheme. I used a nice green color and looked at some pictures on the net to get some inspiration for the camp. Then the models were washed with GW:s Agrax earth shade and tracks with Nuln oil. Then some drybrushing a ligth green color and with gun metal and red leather as rust. I want the tanks to look very well used.




One tank has been pressed into German service. Now I will add some brown color on and around the tracks as dirt. I will also drybrush the tanks a bit more. So a few steps to go before they are finished.

I have yet another tank "in the works" and will add some extra-extra detailing on that one. I think it is well spent time to add some detail to the basic models. It gives a much better model.

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PostPosted: May 22nd, '15, 15:14
by Jeppan
Det ser riktigt trevligt ut!

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PostPosted: May 25th, '15, 07:43
by JonasM
Ja, håller med – snyggt!

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PostPosted: May 25th, '15, 10:04
by ULO
Kan bara ansluta mig till hyllningskören.

Mycket snyggt.