Victory Decision demo spel (Early War)

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Victory Decision demo spel (Early War)

Postby Anatoli » Aug 17th, '13, 11:21

För nån vecka sedan spelade vi ett Victory Decision demo nere på föreningen, var om jag minns rätt samtidigt som Bolt Action demot. Inlägget låg sen dess begravt i min "back log", men är nu uppe på bloggen. Saxar sammanfattningen pga tidsbrist idag.

A few of the guys at the club are looking into alternatives for Flames of War, and in particular games that allow them to play with 15mm multibased infantry. So I ran a demo of Victory Decision for David down at the club, we both used our Early War Poles and Soviet troops. Granted that Victory Decision is a game on platoon level and not company level like Flames of War - but it can still be used to play out smaller , or "zoomed in", fights that can't be represented in Flames of War due to each unit being a full platoon.

The game was 1500 points per side, using the 1939 Polish and Soviet briefings. I ran a Polish rifle platoon and David ran a Soviet cavalry platoon. The scenario was quite simple, capture and hold the objective in the middle of the table (crossroads).

Polish units:

1x HQ rifle team
3x Rifle sections
1x wz.30 HMG team
2x AT rifle teams
1x 7TP jw tank
1x wz.34 armored car with MG
1x TKS FK38 tankette
1x AT gun section with 2x 37mm AT guns

(I noticed after the game that I had accidently used one more heavy support option than I should have, but on the other hand, neither the tankettes nor the armored car inflicted any casualties or damage during the battle to the opponents so I guess it didn't matter).

Soviet units:

1x Cavalry HQ
3x Cavalry sections
1x Cavalry HMG team
1x Mortar team
2x units of 2x BA-10 armored cars

(All soviet units were "Tank hunters" and equipped with explosive charges)

Check my blog for full AAR and more pictures from the game: ... -1939.html

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Re: Victory Decision demo spel (Early War)

Postby Dalauppror » Aug 21st, '13, 05:24

Snyggt spelbord!

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