BF&S Polish attack on Muscovite village

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BF&S Polish attack on Muscovite village

Postby Anatoli » Oct 17th, '13, 18:59

AAR från helgens By Fire & Sword spel, saxat från ett Engelskt forum pga tidsbrist:

Last weekend I ran a really nice demo game with Johan down at our club. Johan had bought into the Muscovite's during the kickstarter and had painted some of his troops for the Zasieczna Guard, which is pretty much a renaissance border protection force.

Since he was still waiting for a few units I borrowed him some of my models so that he could proxy Servant cossacks and Field Dragoons.

Our lists looked like this

Polish skirmish force 1650-66
12 FSP

Colonel with 4 command points
Rotamaster with 1 command point

3 bases of Pancerni with spears
6 bases of Pancerni
4 bases of Polish Dragoons
9 bases of Cossack style cavalry

Muscovite Zasieczna Guard

Golova with 2 command points (Inept but of significant family)
Lieutenant Colonel with 1 command point

12 bases of Servant cossacks
6 bases of field dragoons (4 musket, 2 pike)
12 bases of border dragoons (8 musket, 4 pike)
2 1.5pdr Falconet artillery

Servant cossacks were proxied with Polish Volunteer cavalry
Field dragoons were proxied with some Polish-Hungarian muskets and Mercenary Pikemen.
I also ran out of extra bases that the Muscovite player get for free, not that I think it had any direct impact on our game - but still worth mentioning.

Check my blog for the full AAR and lots of pictures from the game: ... llage.html

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