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CY6 North Africa

Postby Nils » Dec 19th, '13, 21:35

Yesterday a small air skirmish was fought at my mansion. The homemade scenario was two SM79 Sparviero bombers escorted by two CR42 fighters on a bombingmission against an British harbor. Defending was three MkI Hurricanes.

All pilots except one Brit was skilled, with the Brit being a veteran. The victory conditions was fairly fluid, the Italian should try to get as many bombhits on the harbour as possible. One hit was an ok score, two hits good and three very good. Also defending the harbour was two medium AA batteries.

The british started in one corner in a three plane vic.

Noone was "in sight" so all planes had to follow their course until they spotted the enemy.

The starting position, target, harbour with small city to the lower right, brits lower left and Italians top left. Black smoke represents AA batteries. Christmas decoration top right...

Flying towards each other blissfully unaware of whats ahead of them.

Close up of Italian bomber

SM79 with battle damage

The fight in progress

Both bombers are damaged, one with engine damage and the other with airframe damage.

The battle started with the Brits spotting the bombers but not the fighters. The Brits sped full ahead and was ineffectively fired upon by the CR42s. Some manouvering followed with the brits damagaing one bomber almost immediately. One CR42 managed to deplete its ammo on its second burst so it started to look grim for the italians. One fighter left and one bomber damaged against three Hurricanes. But things can change...

The british veteran did a immelman and fired upon the last CR42 from pointblank range and, scored no hits. The Italian fired back and caused airframe damage. The damaged veteran decided to break away and retreat. The another Hurricane overshot and ended up to the side of one of the bombers. The bomber fired its LMG to its side and hit the Hurricane (11+ on 2D6) causing another airframe damage (succeeding on 3-5 on 2D6 if I remember correctly). Suddenly there was only one Hurricane left who was 100%. Some twisting and turning followed with the two damaged brits trying to disengage. As a parting move one damaged brit managed an airframe damage on the other bomber in a burst and in the following turn shooting it down after tailing it. Then he dove away.

Now the only remaining undamaged Hurricane ran out of ammo and dove away. The last bomber pressed on towards the harbor. After braving the AA fire, which hit twice, but did no damage dropped its bombs. They did not score a hit. Running away from harbour the AA finally managed to shoot it down!

So the end result was a clear British victory but it was still a close and exciting battle. Three Hurricanes vs two CR42 and two bombers proved to be an "even match" as it turned out. The Brits firing was very bad though. Twice the Brits managed to miss on 5+ on 2D6. And when they finally hit something the damaged rolls were bad. Both bombers were shot down and two Hurricanes were damaged.
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