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More North Africa

Postby Nils » Dec 27th, '13, 20:02

Another scenario played.

This time a high ranking british officer is on his way to a coastal town for a conference. A italian spy have picked up the route and passed this information to the italians who plan an ambush. Four CR42 are sent out to intercept the flight. The escort consists of four Gladiators. The transport is a Avro Anson (I think).

The object is for the italians to shoot the transport down, almost all losses are acceptable if they down the transport.

The italian pilots are three skilled and one green, the british have one green pilot in the Anson, two green i Gladiators, one skilled and one veteran.

The battlefield. The brits will arrive from the top left corner and must pass within two hexes of the small town in the middle. The landinfield is in the town by the coast. That area is considered to be well protected by AA so the italians will not fly within one hex of the coastal town. Some clouds and a X mas decoration upper right.

Close up on one of the attackers

The italians sweep forward and immediately spot the brits. The british does not spot the italians as they have the sun in their backs. So the british just plod forward.

The italians move in. Three Falcos open fire on the closest escorts just as the british spot them. No one of the italians hit.

Mix up above the waypoint. Tracers criss cross the sky but hit nothing but air.

Then the bullets start to hit home. A Falco gets on the transports tail and cause engine damage. A Falco also receives engine damage and a second airframe damage

The transport is downed, but so is a Falco, another Falco flees and a third Falco is in trouble with three Gladiators behind it.

A second Falco is shot down as it had three Gladiators on its tail.

The battle started as the italians swept around the small cloud and spotted the british which, in turn, did not spot the italians. Same the second turn. Third turn the italians opened fire as three Falcos fired on the same Gladiator but hit nothing. Immediately all four Gladiators moved toward the Falcos. More firing followed but no one hit anything, not even the british veteran firing from favourable positions.

One Falco snuck through and got on the Ansons tail. Now the bullets started to hit home. The Anson was hit so was an Falco fired upon by a Gladiator. The Anson tried to shake the Falco but with a british green pilot and the italian being skilled the Anson was in big trouble. A Falco was hit and ran away. More firing followed and a second Falco was damaged but at the same time the Anson was shot down.

Now the Italians was very close to winning as the major winning condition had been filled. The italians had really focused on the bomber which put the three remaining Falcos in bad positions. The Gladiators moved in to avenge the lost Anson and fired furiously. Two Falcos were shot down in quick succession.

The end result was the Anson shot down along with two Falcos, a third Falco was damaged. We now rolled a D6 on 1,2 the officer was killed and the italians would win a major win, on 3,4 he was injured and a minor italian victory, 5,6 he was ok and it would be a draw.

We rolled 3 so a minor italian victory. Injuring the commander was good but loosing two Falcos with a third damaged (crashed on landing) was a heavy price for the win.

Notes, it was maybe a bit too much to (alone) control four fighters and a transport (not counting a very active 2,5 year old child...) I think two planes are ok for a player to control, four is just a bit too many.
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Re: More North Africa

Postby Led-unge » Dec 28th, '13, 02:45

Fina plan - spännande fight!
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