Horus Heresy bash

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Horus Heresy bash

Postby TheCrazySwede » Oct 11th, '15, 09:11

One-day event on the 28th on novemeber. Malmö, Spelens Hus.
2000p. All standard Age of Darkness FoC's allowed, except for Leviathan. Normal restrictions for Lords of War (so max. 500p LoW).

You register for the event by sending name, army and what special characters you wish to play with (if any) to heresymalmo@gmail.com. Put "Malmö 30k - Registration" in the subject field. How payment works will be added in time.

List of participants. Will update as time passes.


Calle Nordenskjöld - World Eaters - Kharn the Bloody
André Ahlbertz - Alpha Legion - Armillius Dynat
Fredrik Bergström - World Eaters - Angron

++++++++++ Important information ++++++++++

All models need to be painted and based. Efforts should be made to have the army in the proper marks of armour, weapons etc to fit the time period. So no Mk VII power armour etc. If in doubt, email the TO.

Only one of each special character (including primarchs) on each side (traitor/loyalist. So two players can not both have Castrman Orth, for example). As you register for the event you may wish what characters you want to use (to a max of 2 special charaters per player) and “bookmark” that charater. First come first served is applied here.

All players will be divided into a team, either traitor or loyalist. There will be no composition score or individual win records as all points will be calculated for the team as a whole.

This is not a tournament, but rather a friendly event to get together and play some heresy era games with cool armies and good people.

Missions will be Age of Darkness-standard missions with some added secondary objectives and some fun twists.

Schedule will be released later, but it will probably run from abour 9.00 - 20.00, with the evening open for social activities for those who want. There might also be time to get another game in that evening if you want more heresy.

Allowed lists:
Astartes Crusade Army List (Red Books+updated entries in later black ones)
Mechanicum Taghmata Army List (Red Book)
Solar Auxillia Army List (in Book 4)
Cults and Militia Army List (in Book 5).
Codex: Chaos Deamons (traitors only)

No Questoris Knights Army list, not even as allies. Works fine as LoW tough. =)

Any army of Cults and Militia or Solar Auxillia can be either traitor or loyalist, with the special rules for provenances for traitors only taken into account for Cults and Militia. Ergo - a list with Tainted Flesh or Cult Horde cant be loyalist. Mechanicum lists can also be either traitor or loyalist, as the player wishes.

Invisibility will be banned. If you roll that power, re-roll.

Cost for the event will be membership in Malmö Figurspelsförening (100sek/year) and an additional 50sek to cover prices and awards. If you are already a member you only need to pay the additional 50 sek. So 150sek total for anyone not already a member, and 50sek for members.

Prices and awards will be given to best painted and best sportsman,both voted for by the participants, as well as additional fun awards presented on the day and chosen by the TO.

If you have any questions at all, please email the TO at heresymalmo@gmail.com, and title the email with “Malmö 30k - your question” so that I can easily find it with a search.
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